What are the advantages of joining Omenkul.com as a real estate agent?

What are the advantages of joining Omenkul.com as a real estate agent? What are the difference with the others?

  • When you join Omenkul, you will be able to present your portfolio to an elite group of customers. Domestic and foreign customers coming from us will be very distinguished persons.

  • In Omenkul you do not only advertise your own portfolio, you will be also responsible for the rent and sale requests from our customers in your area and you can sell or rent our customer's property.

  • Our system is entirely subject to win-win basis. We do not charge any fee from our corporate members such as a franchise fee, participation fee, membership fee etc. You only pay us minimum 5% , maximum 10% referral fee depending on the 30 days performance if the property you advertise is sold or rented. You make this payment when you collect your legal commission.

  • We do not mention about conditions such as a cool office, a certain number of staff or a share of turnover. The only expectation of us is that you do your job best, to treat our customers in a 100% honest and transparent way. We take our business seriously and we want to work with people who are serious about their business.

  • In fact, if we do not have a contracted partner in your country yet and if you have the necessary capacity to organize operations across the country we allow you to become a General Representative in your country. The General Representative means that for example you live in Liberland, and we have any representative there yet, then the system will send all purchase, sale and rent requests for Liberland to you without regard to the city. In this case, you will organize and conclude any purchase, sale and rent requests in your country by getting contact with your colleagues in other cities of your country and you will be responsible for us in terms of fee payment.

If you believe that you will meet this expectation, please do not hesitate to contact us (00 90 535 323 45 62). You can speak Turkish, English or German.

Procedure that we apply to the corporate members who will participate in us:

  • After request, we conduct a reputation investigation on the candidate. We review your opinions about the market, your opponents and your customers' opinions about you.

  • If our work intensity is available, we visit you at your office on an appointment basis, if possible.

  • We get in contact face to face and we would like to hear more about your vision, your ideas, the structure of your company etc.

  • If no obstacle, we propose you a corporate membership contract. We send your login information to the system after signing and completing the required legal documents.