Omenkul.com FAQ

- What is Omenkul.com? Whats new?

Omenkul.com is a real estate marketplace. Contracted real estate brokers can list their properties either for sale and rent. New side of Omenkul.com is giving landlords to contact with our brokers directly. Remote properties can be a problem for landlords and we are providing a solution. Simply download our mobile app, create a property and send your order with a click. Our contracted brokers will take care of your property per your request and manage everything on your behalf. 

- How brokers are selected?

We select our professional brokers with a referance check and invite them privately after we visit their office and have a face to face interview . We sign service contract if the broker has our required skills such as honesty , transparency and enough portfolio. Our target is to create a high quality community in brokage services. 

- How is the Omenkul.com and brokers relation?

We, Omenkul.com is a platform and software provider for brokers and we do not sell properties directly. Each listing on site belongs to a broker. If you meet a wrong behaviour or have a complain about the broker, you can contact with Omenkul.com management.

 - I saw a good house on site, how can I contact with contracted broker?

You must download our mobile app, create an account and you are going to see the contact details of related broker. You may contact directly with broker by even voice chat, video chat or a direct call.

 - I talked with broker and decided to visit and see the property. Can I trust broker?

Yes, you can. As explained, we select brokers carefully to provide honest and transparent service to customers. Broker can pick you up from the airport without any charge if property city and airport city match. He will guide you , show the property , answer your questions and arrange a meeting with property seller. You do NOT pay any brokage commission or upfront payment unless you purchase or rent the property and get the official registration document ( TAPU ) or rent contract. After you got your TAPU, you will pay contracted brokage commission to the broker. Brokage commission of a property is listed on property details pages.

 - I'm a customer that searching for purchasing or renting a house. Do I pay any fee to Omenkul.com?

No, Omenkul.com does not charge any usage or membership fee, its absolutely free. We charge brokers only.